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"Christopherson's remains true old-world artisans. A rare thing in a community as small as Olympia. Other bidders tried to convince us to remove old flooring. The refinishing job you did is stellar proof that refinishing was the right choice. Others tried to disuade us from using you due to cost. The quality workmanship is SO worth it. I used you in 1987, 2013, and will again if we live long enough."

If we are chosen to work on your floors...

Prepping consists of removing baseboards, carpeting, linoleum, underlayments, and other objects that would prevent installation.  The time frame could be a few hours or a full day and will be an estimate option that we are paid to do or that will already be completed before we arrive to install or refinish your floor.

Installation generally takes between 1-3 days to complete, depending on the area involved. Installations over radiant heated floors may need to acclimate for 5-7 days after the flooring is laid out. Once the wood flooring is installed it is important to keep the home heated to normal living conditions. Leaving the home unheated may cause damage to the flooring.

Sanding & Finishing usually takes 3 to 5 days. During this process, as bid in your wood flooring estimate...Visqueen (plastic sheeting) will be applied/put over cabinets, doorways and other areas of the house off so as to limit the amount of fine dust that may escape from the work area during the sanding process.

Christopherson Woods Floors prides itself in finishing with three coats of finish. Our finish gives the floor excellent hardness, durability, and spot resistance. Each coat is applied and left to dry overnight.

Your house must be kept completely closed during the first 3-6 hours of the drying period to keep moisture out
and to prevent dust and other materials from settling into the finish.

During this 3 to 4 day process we recommend you stay away from home completely. If you choose to come home in the evenings, you will want to ventilate your home as soon as the finish is dry, usually 4-6 hours after the wood floor finish is applied, depending on humidity and temperature. *(see above note) Since it will take longer to dry if weather conditions are below 60 degrees, you may want to turn up the heat after you ventilate the home for a period of time.  Do not stay in the home while you are waiting for the smell to dissipate.

For best results it is recommended that you wait 2-3 days before bringing your furniture back into the area. If you are unable to wait the recommended length of time then you should at least wait 24 hours after the last coat of finish was applied. It is also recommended that you use self-sticking felt pads on the bottoms of all pieces to avoid scratches to the surface and prolong the beauty of your floors.

Today's large refrigerators tend to weigh so much that not only can they scratch the floors but also leave groove marks across the floor as they are moved. Moving refrigerators...can be one of the trickiest parts of putting your house back together after your floors have been finished.  We highly recommend using an appliance dolly (making very sure that all dirt and sand is removed from the tires and the floors that you are about to move over), hiring movers, or some other well-known technique for moving your refrigerator back into place.

Area rugs may be laid down 7 days after the last coat of finish has dried.  With some wood species, like Brazilian
Cherry, American Cherry or Tigerwood, we recommend a much longer amount of time as the flooring darkens.  Leaving rugs or other solid pieces in place too early will cause a much lighter area on the floor.

Special care must be taken the first month since the finish needs time to create the hardness, durability, and spot resistance to soaps, detergents, water, pets, fruit juices, ink, alcohol, etc. Avoid severe wear and avoid overcleaning the wood flooring during this time period.

We proudly install wood flooring that is Made in The USA...grown in Sustainably managed forests.
90% of the products we use in our work are products that were MADE IN THE USA.

John Christopherson

Owner John Christopherson, shown here with his Dad, Maury, and sons; Cory, Jason and Mark with grandson (son Keith installs wood flooring in Vancouver, WA)
John takes pride in the family business and is always striving to insure customer satisfaction. On John's 10th birthday in 1965, he received his first floor nailing machine and has worked around floors ever since.  His father semi-retired in 1980 and entrusted John to run the business.  In 1989 Maury sold John the business. John is one of only a few wood flooring professionals certified by the National Wood Flooring Association as a Wood Flooring Inspector.  He was a member of the Contractor Specification Institute from 1992 to 1994, and is a member of the National Builders Association and The National Wood Flooring Association.  Christopherson Wood Floors is also an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

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Craftsmanship. Quality. Trust.

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Olympia, WA  98507

360 357-7919 * Fax: 360 352-9474
Hours:  M-F 8am-4:30pm

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