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"Christopherson's remains true old-world artisans. A rare thing in a community as small as Olympia. Other bidders tried to convince us to remove old flooring. The refinishing job you did is stellar proof that refinishing was the right choice. Others tried to disuade us from using you due to cost. The quality workmanship is SO worth it. I used you in 1987, 2013, and will again if we live long enough."



     Special care must be taken the first month.  Avoid severe wear and over cleaning your wood floors during this period.  It is recommended that all the furniture be equipped with self-sticking felt pads under the supports to protect against scratches. (We have a large supply of high quality felt pads in variable sizes available for purchase.)

     Wipe up spills with a dry or slightly damp cloth.  Only use professionally recommended floor cleaners, never use oil or wax type cleaners...for safety (no slipping) and to ensure we are able to add an extra coat of finish in 8-10 years if needed/desired.  Adding an extra coat of wood floor finish (re-coating) every 8-10 years will keep your floors renewed and looking good for a lifetime.  Once the finish has worn through to the wood then the floors need to be completely refinished again...meaning a full sanding and adding 3 new coats of remember to get a re-coat of finish over the years to avoid this full scale wood flooring refinish!

It's also a good idea to occassionaly move large area rugs to minimize sharp age lines in the flooring.

     MINIMIZE large swings in temperature and more importantly, humidity. 
Too much heat in the winter, without some moisture, will cause severe movement in the flooring.  If you heat with a wood stove this is particularly important!! 

Invest in a small thermo-hygrometer to monitor humidity levels in the home.

(please see our link to the NWFA consumer site, or online at for more information.)

Properties of Wood Flooring...contracting and expanding!

All the wood in your home will contract or expand according to the moisture in the air.  Doors and windows may swell and stick during a rainy season.  In dry, cold weather, cracks and fine lines of separation may appear in walls, cabinets and furniture.  The same reaction to humidity, or the lack of it, is happening constantly in your wood floors.  Tiny cracks between edges of boards may appear when unusually dry conditions are produced by your heating system or lack of overall humidity.  In the warmer, more humid summer months, your floor may expand somewhat making those same cracks less noticeable.  In addition, if your home is newly completed the inside climate may change to a dryer one as many of the building materials are slow to dry.  These are characteristics of wood because wood is a product of nature, and its natural quality is what makes it desirable.



Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Maintaining your wood flooring should be relatively easy.  Dirt and grit are the major sources of surface destruction, so be sure to sweep your flooring, especially in high traffic areas...small grit particles, ground in by foot traffic, can wear away at the protective coating and eventually damage the grain over a period of time. Using a well squeezed damp cloth or damp mop for small spills is standard practice.  Use an approved hardwood floor cleaner like Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner when additional cleaning is necessary.
Please Note:  An additional coat of finish cannot be applied if wax, oil soaps or similar floor products have been used.


Long Term Wood Floor Maintenance

A recoat of Wood Floor Finish can be applied if you use the recommended procedures to care for your wood floors.  An additional coat of wood floor finish is recommended in Five to Ten years in high traffic areas or longer in low wearing areas.  Recoating your finish will eliminate the need for refinishing, unless there has been significant wear-through or oil soaps or waxes have been used.

Please see our NWFA consumer link for more information. (


Christopherson Wood Floors has proudly served the community since 1947 with quality wood floors and customer service.  Thank you for considering us to install your Hardwood Floors.  If you have any further questions or if we can be of further assistance please call us at (360) 357-7919


CWF sells Floor Cleaner, Floor Pads for chairs, Mop/Dust kits.

We proudly install wood flooring that is Made in The USA...grown in Sustainably managed forests.
90% of the products we use in our work are products that were MADE IN THE USA.

John Christopherson

Owner John Christopherson, shown here with his Dad, Maury, and sons; Cory, Jason and Mark with grandson (son Keith installs wood flooring in Vancouver, WA)
John takes pride in the family business and is always striving to insure customer satisfaction. On John's 10th birthday in 1965, he received his first floor nailing machine and has worked around floors ever since.  His father semi-retired in 1980 and entrusted John to run the business.  In 1989 Maury sold John the business. John is one of only a few wood flooring professionals certified by the National Wood Flooring Association as a Wood Flooring Inspector.  He was a member of the Contractor Specification Institute from 1992 to 1994, and is a member of the National Builders Association and The National Wood Flooring Association.  Christopherson Wood Floors is also an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

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Craftsmanship. Quality. Trust.

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360 357-7919 * Fax: 360 352-9474
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