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"Christopherson's remains true old-world artisans. A rare thing in a community as small as Olympia. Other bidders tried to convince us to remove old flooring. The refinishing job you did is stellar proof that refinishing was the right choice. Others tried to disuade us from using you due to cost. The quality workmanship is SO worth it. I used you in 1987, 2013, and will again if we live long enough."

With so many wood flooring species to choose from...where do we start?  First of all, species differ in their hardness and stability.  The most stable and available domestic wood flooring choices are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple and Walnut.  Red Oak and White Oak offer the most versatility because they are considered our domestic HARD wood, and they take a stain color well.  This gives you the ability to change the "color" of your flooring over the years, if desired, PLUS, it's a great selling point to your potential home buyer who may desire a different stain color!

While the kids and dogs are most active, it helps to have more variation and a natural finish on your help hide the dirt that comes with a busy lifestyle.  As the activity slows down in your home, you may decide it's time to spiff up the floors and even add a richer color to them.  If you are already living a calmer lifestyle then perhaps you desire a richer colored exotic species like Brazilian Cherry, Ipe or Sapelli. 

And remember...there are varying widths of wood flooring so you don't have to use only the 2 1/4" traditional strip flooring, you could go with a 3" or a 5" wide board, giving the room a completely new and different look.  Another option is to use varying widths for your install.  The variety of widths makes for a beautiful layout and a more unique looking wood floor.

To Bamboo, or not to Bamboo?  Bamboo is a grass, not a wood.  If you choose to use Bamboo for your flooring, be very sure of your vendor and the quality of the material...the grass is laminated together with glue and pressure.  Many of the floorings available on the internet are from inexpensive import companies which could mean mean that the glues used were not very durable and will de-laminate within a few years.  It may also mean that the Bamboo may still be manufactured with Formaldahyde Glue that will off-gas in your home.  Another point is the growth want Bamboo from the Moso Region of China that has grown for at least 7 years...this creates a more durable Bamboo for flooring...Bamboo is not as hard as they claim it to be...only the knuckle area seems to be hard.  At Christopherson Wood Floors we install Allwood Bamboo out of Portland, OR.

You prefer flooring that's flat and doesn't have grooves?

If you don't care for those "little grooves" between the boards, you're not alone.  When it comes to today's solid wood flooring choices, prefinished wood flooring certainly has it's advantages...the biggest one being the shorter impact to your lifestyle during installation...but that still doesn't get rid of those grooves! What options do you have?  Site-finished flooring! 

Site-finishing solid wood is the only way to get that beautiful, traditional hardwood floor.  If you have other questions regarding hardwood floor installation or wood floor finishing, just call or email.  At Christopherson Wood Floors we enjoy educating our customers and we don't mind answering questions...and, no, we won't think you're silly for asking!  We prefer you ask and know the answer rather than be surprised later.

The Longhouse at Evergreen State College was installed with stained Maple.  Maple is more difficult to stain and requires additional work prior to the staining process.

We proudly install wood flooring that is Made in The USA...grown in Sustainably managed forests.
90% of the products we use in our work are products that were MADE IN THE USA.

John Christopherson

Owner John Christopherson, shown here with his Dad, Maury, and sons; Cory, Jason and Mark with grandson (son Keith installs wood flooring in Vancouver, WA)
John takes pride in the family business and is always striving to insure customer satisfaction. On John's 10th birthday in 1965, he received his first floor nailing machine and has worked around floors ever since.  His father semi-retired in 1980 and entrusted John to run the business.  In 1989 Maury sold John the business. John is one of only a few wood flooring professionals certified by the National Wood Flooring Association as a Wood Flooring Inspector.  He was a member of the Contractor Specification Institute from 1992 to 1994, and is a member of the National Builders Association and The National Wood Flooring Association.  Christopherson Wood Floors is also an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

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